Some Meaningless Halloween Trivia

October 31, 2008

According to Nielson, “Consumers will buy more than $1.9B in Candy this Halloween Season  The top buying days? 


The jury is out for 2008 but in 2007 “Top October Candy Buying Days” were:

  1. October 28
  2. October 27
  3. October 30
  4. October 21
  5. October 31

 View the full Nielsen press release here.


What are the top selling Halloween candies? 


Here is my personal “All-American” team of top candies ..aka, my wish list for “candies I hope to see in my kids’ bags at the end of the evening.”


  1. Whatyamacallit: great commercials in the early 80s, undersold, undervalued, but still getting shelf space at CVS
  2. M&Ms: traditional, reliable, fun “they melt in your mouth ….”
  3. Kit Kat: deep down, could be my #1
  4. Krackle: Better than Nestle Crunch, not sure why
  5. Reese’s  PB Cups: if only there were more in a package I would rank them higher
  6. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar: how can it not be on the list?  The Great American Chocolate bar!


   What’s your top candies?  Happy Halloween everyone!


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