About Eric Glazer

I am a relationship marketing expert (translation: “marketing and sales guy”).  I have a passion for social media and embrace the challenge of helping companies refine their overall strategy by integrating social media not just into their marketing mix but into their corporate culture.

During the day I serve as Vice President at Cambridge Healthtech Associates (CHA).  CHA helps technology companies in life sciences gain widespread adoption of their products and services through social networks (professional online communities) and industry consortia.

Online Communities
Would your company benefit from a networking reception that never ends?   Our online communities enable clients to continuously communicate with their customers and prospective clients around pressing issues facing their businesses.

Can you imagine your top 10 prospective clients formally joining the company’s board of advisers?  CHA’s consortia bring a vendor company together with a group of buyer companies.  Our collaborative approach enables the vendor to quickly refine their product and qualify its scientific utility while also building strong relationships with prospective clients.  This typically results in the vendor increasing their sales.

I always welcome opportunities to exchange ideas as well as assist companies in improving their marketing and lead generation strategy and process.   Email me !


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9 Responses to About Eric Glazer

  1. Eric- definitely would be delighted to be able to join the panel for March’s webinar. Let me know the details.

  2. Roberta Martinez says:


    I am in a meeting all day tomorrow, please let me know when you are doing this webinar again, or if I can watch a video of it at a later date.


    Roberta Martinez
    NYL agent
    p.s. I was referred by Tim Ciulla

  3. Tim Hmelar says:

    Eric –

    Thanks for the time and effort in putting together your webinar this morning. Please let me know when you have future webinars focusing on social networking.


  4. Sara Basloe says:


    I was not able to participate in this webinar. Please let me know if you will be doing follow up sessions or if this was recorded as well.

    Have an outstanding day!

    Referral Marketing and Customer Retention Specialist

  5. Richard hunter says:

    Hello Eric, I’m sorry to read that you work with Tim Hmelar. I worked with him for a while for Intero, it’s one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever met. He has been deceicive with me and other people, acts like he’s all good, but it turned out he was telling only lies after working for 2 months with him, he never paid me, look out for this guy!!

  6. Cathy Light says:

    What’s involved in attending your webinar on Facebook on Thursday?

  7. R.J. Lewis says:


    Can’t attend in person due to a conflict, but please record and send out the link. Would love to watch listen and learn.


  8. Sica says:

    Hey Eric, Im having a really hard time logging in to the webinar :( HELP! It keeps asking for a password but in my confirmation email, it does not have one?

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